Enter to win (401)j’s New Year give away!

Nice Jewish 2014 Calendar

You’ve heard of a fireman’s calendar, right? You know, that 12-month erotic wall ornament with shirtless men making fire hoses and other paraphernalia, ahem, naughty? Sure, those models are nice to look at, but wouldn’t it be nice to give 12 real men, with real jobs, and a real nice personality, a place to shine?

Look no further: the Nice Jewish Guys calendar is back for the third year featuring men you could take home to your mom. Adam Cohen, a tv producer whose latest project, Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, began this “crazy side project” two years ago and since then, nice Jewish guys have finally gotten the attention they deserve. I talked with Adam about the calendar, the guys and how he put it together(source: http://www.blogwithbenefits.com/search?q=nice+jewish+guys).

Enter to win now!

Still need convincing? Watch Howie Mandel talk about his son, Alex, “Mr. February” in the Nice Jewish Guys 2014, calendar!


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