Top 10 Must-Have Items for Winter

By: Hillary Levine

10.  Tech gloves What’s better than keeping your hands warm while texting this winter? This pair happens to be one of my favorites and can be found at Nordstrom.
Tech Gloves
9. Down Coat Having a light weight coat to keep you warm is a necessity, especially when you are traveling because they take up very little space. The women’s coat on the left is from L.L. Bean and the men’s coat on the right is from Macy’s.
Down Coat

Mens down coat

8. Little black dress This is an essential for every girl’s closet. A black dress can be worn for a cocktail party or to work. I like this one from Banana Republic.
Little Black Dress
7. Combat Boots   The great thing about combats is that they can be worn all year round. My favorite combat boot is the Troopa from Steve Madden. These, too, can be found at Nordstrom.
Combat boots
6. Chunky scarf   Dress up a simple outfit or keep you warm. This is a very versatile accessory for everyone’s wardrobe and is definitely a must. This one can be found on Etsy.
5. Plaid   Plaid is a big trend for winter. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of a tartan skirt, then start small. This bow is ideal from Forever 21.
4. Tights I love tights. From sheer black to fishnets, tights are one of my favorite things. These are from JCPenney.
3.  Homage Boot Wrap Who would have thought that some colorful rubber added to the bottom of your UGG Boots could be so stylish? I have seen these and they jazz up any UGG. Also, this new trend will help waterproof your boots. A Nordstrom exclusive.
boot covers
2. Lint Roller Now this might sound funny, but during the winter I feel that a lint roller is so essential that everyone should have one with him or her. You can get them at any drugstore.
Lint Roller
1.      Hand Cream We all know even if you wear gloves your hands still seem to be dry. C. O. Bigelow is my favorite lotion to use on my hands. You can get this at Bath & Body Works.


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