A New Adventure

By: Laura Isaacs

Six years ago I began a big adventure. When I finished college I was lucky enough to get a job working at a zoo I grew up visiting. After two years in that job, I was ready for a change and that’s where the adventure came in. I accepted a position at Roger Williams Park Zoo, I packed my bags, and headed to a state I had never been to before, without knowing a soul there. It was big and scary and fun all at the same time. Within six months, I had found my groove. My job rocked, I had made a great circle of friends, found my religious home in Temple Beth-El, and found a awesome knitting group, because come on… who doesn’t need an awesome knitting group?  So what’s left for a nice single Jewish girl to do in her new place of residence? Find a nice single Jewish boy who wants to start a new adventure with me. Enter JDate.

I should start this by first saying I am not a fan of online dating. However, if my choices of finding a nice Jewish guy are going to a bar or online dating, I’m going to go with online dating as the bar scene is just not, well, my scene. So I redid my profile, posted updated pictures, and started searching. As with most online dating, there were emails that went unanswered, weird emails received that made me question this whole online dating thing, emails that got answered, and even a date or two. And yet, nothing was really coming from it. Since JDate was not working for me, it was time to try something new. And the something new became starting (401)j Singles with my other single friends. It all started with a meeting a Gregg’s, pretty apt for a bunch of Rhode Islanders.

As with most new endeavors, I am both excited and nervous about getting this cluster going. The foremost thought in my mind is: will this work? Will people want to join this group or will they think it’s lame? I have to say, we came up with a pretty fun list of activities to host. At least we think they are fun. Hopefully if you are single, you will think so too. Our list ranges from a single mingle to bowling to speed dating to lock and key parties. Have a good idea? Please share. Sharing is good.

We are kicking of the first (401)j Singles event with a Single Mingle on February 12 from 7-9pm. Please come and bring a single friend or two as well. Who knows, maybe you will get a Valentine’s Day date out of it.


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