New Year, New Month, New Rosh Chodesh Celebrations!

By: Rachel Eisen

Snow couldn’t stop us! Despite the freezing temperatures and several inches of snow, the Rosh Chodesh women’s group got off to a great start with a potluck Shabbat dinner on Friday, January 3. We had a cozy meal, and a few fantastic ladies got to know each other and start brainstorming ideas for Rosh Chodesh events.

Rosh Chodesh celebrates the start of each new Jewish month. The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycle, so each month begins with the new moon. Traditionally, this has been a women’s holiday. The association of women with the moon is common, both secularly and Jewishly. In addition, Rosh Chodesh was given as a holiday as reward for women, having supposedly refused to hand over their jewelry to be melted into the Golden Calf in Exodus.

For whatever reason, Rosh Chodesh women’s groups are immensely popular. Groups do everything from study sacred texts to cook, craft, and have fun.

(401)j’s Rosh Chodesh group is a little bit of everything: it’s a place for women to hang out with each other, learn a little, and have fun. We aim to have monthly events as close to the actual Rosh Chodesh date as possible. Each time, we’ll have a fun activity and also learn about an amazing Jewish woman either from history or someone who is having an amazing impact on the world right now.

Our next event will be baking challah! Interested? Contact Rachel at to get on the list!


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