By: Ben Peter

Alone, a big hotel, downtown Providence. I’m so jet legged and cold. I’ve never been here before. Everyone is talking about a big storm. I wonder how it will look. Will it be like what I always see in the movies? Will I be able to go out?

The hotel is really nice, and I can see the mall through my window across the street. Worst case, I tell myself, I can do that short walk tomorrow and spend some time there.

Erin came in the afternoon to pick me up for the first screening which was in Newport. Is that the same place I read about in Moby Dick? photo 4Exciting! I want to see a whale. Where do all the whales go when there’s a snowstorm? We drove and drove there was seas on the right and the left and everything was so pretty. Finally, we entered a very old town. The sunset was gorgeous with coral colors set on the ancient rooftops, and for a second I could almost feet the warmth of it. We didn’t get to see any whales, but we visited the oldest synagogue in the country, a kind of a whale for itself….

At night, on the way back, I felt weird; I was cold on the inside and was so tired. Oh no, I’m going to be sick again. I can’t be. I have two more screenings to go. I fell asleep in the car, which, according to Erin, is the solution for everything in life. True.

During that night, my first night in the States, the storm began. When I woke up the next morning, I went straight to the window and saw that all was white and tons of snow was still falling from the sky. It was beautiful. How could I go out there? I had to feel it. I wanted to be inside the storm. Last time we had snow in Tel Aviv was in 1950, before my parents where even born. My body was still cold, and my nose was starting to run. I knew that I was already sick, 13326but I didn’t care. I had to go out even if it was only to cross the street to that big mall. I put on so many layers that I looked like an astronaut. People were staring at me, but I didn’t care. I was so happy to walk on the snow, to feel it against my face, to listen to the sound of it, to watch its million shapes. Oh, my very own Providence snowstorm.

Erin says that she can’t live without a proper winter. She needs it; it’s a part of her existence. I need warm weather. I need a strong sun, but now I think I also need a snowstorm, once in a while….


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