St. Purim’s Day

In honor of this weekend and the official “St. Purim’s Day” phenomenon.

By: Sara Miller

With all the attention given a few months ago to the monumental, monstrous big deal that was Thanksgivukkah, I wanted to play a fun little irreverent (but not irrelevant) game called “COMBINE ALL THE HOLIDAYS!”

You might ask why I would do such a thing. What a good question! Three words: St. Purim’s Day. And that’s not even a stretch! This year, in 2014, Purim and St. Patrick’s Day are the same weekend! Just imagine the possibilities: a costume contest where everyone’s “coincidentally” a leprechaun.  Green beer flowing freely at a seudah. The Jewish-Irish among us would have a field day! (Of four-leaf clovers, obviously.) I’m reminded of the Star and Shamrock, a pub I went to one time. It’s just as great as it looks. I think I had “Latke Madness” with corned beef and Manischewitz sangria. Next year in Washington, DC

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