By: Sara Miller

When I was asked by (401)j to write something for April Fools’ Day, I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I solicited the ideas of some friends and colleagues. Some of their ideas were way too sarcastic (think: haikus of being a Jewish millennial or a satirical piece about Jews only speaking Yiddish – but in the amount they know). Some were thoughtful suggestions meant to insert mindfulness into this time of year: “If the idea of April Fools’ Day is to fool other people, maybe we can use the opportunity (pre-Pesach) to think about ways that we fool ourselves and use it to get rid of those things we do to fool ourselves (like we get rid of chametz) so that we can start the month reflecting and end the month living a life/making choices that are closer to our authentic self….”  Too much thinking, amirite?

Instead, here’s a top-10 list of the things that are fooling me currently (both personally and intellectually!), and I encourage you to add your own!

  • The weather

○     What’s up with this, really? Whether it’s the Polar Vortex, El Nino, or my slow descent into madness, I think I can speak for all of us when I say, “We’re ready for Spring!”


  • “Trader Joe’s is SO far away!”


○     No, it’s not. It’s a 20-minute drive. In any other state in the US, that’s your neighbor. Plus, they have chocolate-covered edamame. Win-win.


  • “You’re going to Boston? And not staying the night?!”

○     Yes, I am. It’s an hour away. See previous post.


  • Netflix’s “autoplay” function is a fantastic creation.

○     No, it isn’t. It just indulges my laziness. Not having to press “play next episode of Parks & Rec” means I have literally watched the entire series three times in the past few months.


  • “Pastrami on RI” is an awesome name for a Jewish, Rhody-based a capella group.

○     Wait, that’s actually true. Come see us premiere at SermonSlam RI!


  • Allergies haven’t been so bad this season!

○     Just you wait….


  • Everyone here talks like Peter Griffin.

○     Well….


  • There’s so much time until Passover!

○     Actually, there are less than two weeks, Sara. START YOUR PREPARATIONS NOW!


  • Spring cleaning? Who needs it?

○     We all do. Hibernation-nesting during the winter months makes it so.


  • “I’m not addicted to coffee!”

○     Yes, Sara, you are. Ever since they installed the Keurig at work. Just admit it! RI has some wonderful local coffee shops!



For all these and more… DAYENU!


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