Spring Cleaning

By: Hillary Levine

A few weeks ago I was driving home from work when my phone rang; it was my dad. It began as our father-daughter phone calls normally do–we first talked about my workday, and I asked him about his. Then our conversation got interesting–he asked if I had heard about the girl who couldn’t find a prom dress at a consignment shop. I replied back that no, I had not.

My dad then explained that I should Google The Designer Diva Consignment Boutique. When I arrived home I did, and I was in awe of what this store was trying to do. They had a girl who came into the store to find the prom dress of her dreams. Unfortunately, the store did not have her size (size 22). I see this happen every day at my job, but where I work, with a few touches of a screen, I can get practically anything in any size for my customers. However, this store is a consignment store. What is remarkable about this store and story though is that this storeowner took to social media to track down the dress-hunting girl and find that perfect dress for her.

After only a few days and the magic of social media, the store owner found the girl and generous people had begun to bring in dresses that they no longer needed in the hopes that their dress might be the girl’s dream dress.

So, besides that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we hear about how great people can be, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with me? Well, it has everything to do with you! Now that spring has FINALLY arrived and Pesach is in less than 2 weeks, let us do a little “Spring Cleaning.” Let us not just remove our chametz; this year. I challenge you to think about those things you might have hanging around your home that you no longer wear or use. Take this Passover season to cleanse and remove and pass along those things you don’t need, wear or use anymore.

There are many ways you can donate old clothing and gently used items (e.g., those bins in the back of parking lots or Savers). I did a little more research and found some great and slightly different places where you are able to donate your stuff in the hopes of bringing a smile to someone’s face.

  1. http://www.shopkarma.com

Karma Couture is located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. I have a friend who has made some money by bringing her stuff to consign there. You can great deals on high-end designers.

  1. https://www.fashionproject.com/nordstrom

This is something that I am trying to promote. When I am with my customers, I tell them if you love shopping here, why not earn free money while donating and have money donated to a charity of your choice.

  1. Host a closet swap party. This is a great way to get together with friends. Just bring your items to trade with your friends.



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