Why JBoost?

The Jewish Alliance, in support of and in collaboration with Greater Rhode Island’s Jewish community, recently launched a new website known as Jboost.org.

So, what is Jboost? A crowdfunding website that supports local projects to improve the lives of those in need throughout Greater Rhode Island’s Jewish community.

And what’s crowdfunding exactly?  The collective effort by a group of people who pool resources, networks, and ideas to benefit the greater good and make a positive difference.

Check out this quick video to learn more about Jboost and all the ways you can help make a difference:

Why should (401)jers get involved? Because Jboost touches on 3 key points us (401)jers like:

  1. We decide how much we give (any amount helps!) and see exactly what our dollars are doing.
  2. We have a variety of cool projects and opportunities to choose from.
  3. It’s all in the (401), baby! We give back to the very community in which we live in and care so much about.

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