Looking Fresh: all you need to know about makeup

By: Hillary Levine

I hope everyone is enjoying his or her summer! For me, it has been a busy one, with time spent working and soaking in some sun. This month I want to share some of my favorite makeup YouTube channels and websites. These pages are loaded with a variety of tips from how to apply makeup to product dos and don’ts.

  1. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole is a makeup blogger who has been on YouTube since 2010. She covers everything from makeup and hair to nails and general fashion. My favorite thing about Nicole’s channel is that she covers all the basics of applying makeup and shows how you can get different looks with different brands. She covers products from your local drugstore to high-end products like Chanel.

  1. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is a makeup artist who worked for MAC in their stores and at the MAC counters in Nordstrom.  Her videos are great because they get into explaining the different types of makeup products out there.

Inspired by these two women plus a healthy dose of Pinterest beauty page, I have been attempting to change up my usual everyday makeup routine by swapping out my standard eye shadow for brighter shadows and adding red lipstick. As you can imagine, this isn’t the easiest thing to do as makeup products can be pricey.  To help expand my makeup collection and to test a variety of products from hair care to makeup to perfume, there are two great sites to visit – Ipsy and birchbox. Both allow you to purchase trial sizes of products customized to your preference and mailed to you every month. Not only is it like receiving a little gift every month, the products are great and both cost in the $10 range, which is totally affordable.

Please feel free to share any beauty tips, blogs, YouTube channels or any other makeup/beauty tips you use!


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