Welcome Home

by: Rebeka Singer

“Welcome home, my love. You’re back—finally. You’ve been gone so long, and I’ve missed you so much. Here, let me look at you—you’re so beautiful. Let me hug you—you’re such a good hugger. Let me kiss you now…like you mean it!

“My life has been on hold since you’ve been gone. How long now—weeks, months, years? A few, you say… I try to forget. I’ve sacrificed that time for you, you know, just waiting. But it was worth it, of course. You’re my wife, my whole world, everything to me. All I want to do is make you happy. You don’t look happy. Why don’t you smile—you’re much prettier when you smile. There. I don’t remember those lines…but what of that, you’re home!

“This is our home. I built it for you. I chopped down the branches, the wood, and built this house for you to live in. I picked the apples for you to eat. What? You’re not happy? Why isn’t anything enough?

“Your smile isn’t as pretty anymore—you know that? You can’t even smile! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Come here; let me hold you. You’re so beautiful, so beautiful, and you’re mine. You’re right: everything is going to be OK—just like you said.

“Oh, you don’t want a house? You want to move away, sail the seas. I’ll build you a boat—us a boat. Won’t that make you happy? It’s all I want to do. I’ll take you anywhere. Anywhere—

“But not just yet. We have to wait. Things take time, you know. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Grow up. Be realistic. What? Home isn’t good enough? I’m not good enough? How can you say I’m not trying? I listen to every word—every word you say, I listen! …I don’t remember that—huh? [pause]

“Sure—anything you want. Everything, everything. I’m listening now.

“You’re here now. It’s OK now, just like you said. Remember? I was listening then.

“It’s been hard, you know. So damn hard for me. Do you even care? Do you know? I try. I’m trying now, now that you’re home. It’ll be OK, my love, like you said…. Right?”


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