Work Attire 101

By: Hillary Levine

As a personal stylist, I work with all types of customers. These appointments range from formal wear to work attire to full wardrobes. Today it seems that dress codes for the office are more blurred than ever. For me, working in fashion and spending so much time on my feet, I know that I need to be fashionable and comfortable. So I figured for this month’s blog, I will attempt to decipher and shed a little light on the different types of dress codes that exist in the work world and show you a few examples.

Business Casual  (Most common work attire)


Guys: Nice khakis with a polo shirt or any collared shirt. Pair those with nice loafers or dress shoes.  And always make sure to iron your shirt and wear a belt that matches your shoes.

Men's pants 1 kohls collared

Girls: Dress pants or khakis with a fashionable top. You can also wear a casual skirt, but please make sure that it follows the good old rule of your skirt should not be above your finger tips. Pair this outfit with heels or flats and jewelry.

Pants 2pants 1Shirt 1

Smart Casual/Dressy Casual (Mix of casual, business casual and business dress codes)

Guys: This is where you can pair denim with a sport coat, khakis or trousers with a vest and tie. If you opt for wearing denim, I always recommend wearing a dark wash and absolutely no holes.

Outfit 1

Girls: Your go to should be a nice pair of dress pants or a skirt. You can also wear denim as long as you pair it with a collared shirt or a dressy top. Adding a blazer or button-up cardigan can be the perfect touch. Wearing denim, similar to men, has guidelines: dark wash, try a high waist, not so tight that you can’t breathe, and no holes.Shirt 2Pants 3

Business/Informal (Don’t let informal trick you! Informal does call for a little formality here, so bring on the suits and dresses.)

Guys: Wear a suit with a tie or go for nice dress pants with a sport coat and tie.

Suit 1Suit 2

Girls: Wear a business suit or a professional-looking dress – no sleeveless top without a sweater or shrug, bottom hems to at least your knees, and conservative necklines.

DressLady Suit


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