Laurelei Ballard

Laurelei Ballard

Laurelei was born in the Bahamas, raised in Las Vegas and constantly surrounded by oddballs. The child of Restauranteurs, Casino Execs and Performers, she grew up with an understanding of giving the people what they want, or at least appearing to do so. She also grew up with an unnatural affection for food (but c’mon she’s Jewish).

She spent all of her youth as a competitive gymnast and parlayed that, and her ability to hold a tune, into an MFA in Musical Theater. She then spent several years flying around over London, as Peter Pan and then came back to the states to fling herself recklessly over Las Vegas in Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere. Finally, she got old and retired from the stage. What is a Circus Girl to do? Well… she went behind the scenes to build her next career writing, creating and producing TV shows and marketing campaigns with occasional forays into poetry and prose, which she hopes you enjoy.

Passing Over…


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