Leo Desforges

Leo Desforges

Leo Desforges owns and operates The Forge: Personal Training Center in Pawtucket . For nearly a decade, Leo has held the title of Certified Personal Trainer, issued by the American Council on Exercise. In 2012 he became certified as a High School Strength and Conditioning Coach, by the International Youth Coaching Association.

Leo has been professionally training clients since 2005, after graduating from Ithaca College. He has been seriously engaged in athletics and weight training since his early teens. Leo has a long-fostered passion for teaching and coaching clients. The Forge Personal Training Studio is a reflection of this passion. His athletic interests include, but are not limited to, power lifting, hiking, cycling, tennis, baseball, Frisbee and basketball. Other interests include hanging out with family and friends (especially his wife!), cooking, philosophy and reading.

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