Nikki Hamburger

Nikki Hamburger

Nikki Hamburger moved to Rhode Island in 2008.  She is a member at Temple Beth El.  She is married and has a teenage step son.  She is in distribution sales in Cranston.  Nikki grew up in Washington State and went to Culinary school after high school at the Art Institute of Seattle.  She converted to Judaism in 2007 and was married a few months later to her husband who she has been with since 2001. She had her adult Bat Mitzvah in 2013.  Nikki and her husband have 2 cats.  She loves cooking and entertaining in general.

Nikki’s Kitchen: Sweet Potato Latkes for a Sweet Hanukkah
Nikki’s Kitchen: Turkey Noodle Soup
Nikki’s Kitchen: Heavenly Hamantashen
Nikki’s Kitchen: Matzah Toffee
Nikki’s Kitchen: Chicken Picatta
Nikki’s Kitchen: Father’s Day


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