(401)j blog guidelines

  • While sometimes we look for specific blog topics, generally we are interested in anything that our (401)j community would find interesting, thoughtful, humorous, serious, religious, and/or anything in between.
  • Please keep blog posts to a maximum of 800 words
  • Blog posts should be educational, informational or entertaining in nature, not promotional
  • Usage of headers and bullet points are permitted
  • Usage of graphics, videos and other media is allowed
  • Blog posts are to be submitted at least one week in advance of publish date
  • When submitting a blog post, please include a photo of yourself, your name (or how you would like to be identified), your twitter handle(if you have one) and a 1 – 2 sentence “blogger” bio.
    • Ex. “Seth is a first time blogger, who grew up being able to count his Jewish friends in his community on his right hand. Thankfully, after years of hard work this is no longer the case.”
  • We reserve the right to edit entries based on space limitations and/or grammatical inconsistencies
  • To become a (401)j blogger contact: Erin Moseley

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