Got Shabbat?

Got Shabbat Header

What is Got Shabbat?

Seeking a Shabbat experience with your peers? Looking to find more Jews in your neighborhood, City, or State?

Got Shabbat is a home hosted Shabbat placement program. All you need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire letting us know what you are looking for from a shabbat experience and we’ll handle the rest! You can sign up to attend or host as many Got Shabbats as you please.

Want to be a host?

Interested in welcoming local Jews to your Shabbat table? Fill out this short questionnaire and we’ll make it happen!

Want to participate?

Looking for a place for Shabbat? Fill out this simple questionnaire and we’ll set you up with a great group to Celebrate, eat, learn, drink and meet new people!

Upcoming Dates:
GotShabbat runs on a rolling basis all year round, if you are looking for a Shabbat experience, fill out our survey and let us know. Or, you can sign up for our fall community Got Shabbat on October 24, 2014.

Got Shabbat is organized and led by Rachel S. in conjunction with (401)j.

Want more information about Got Shabbat? Contact Rachel.


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